Contec Sp. z o.o. is an independent trading company specializing in industrial automatics or, more precisely, in finding right products for any automatics processes.

Our efforts are especially focused on reaching the highest level of services offered to customers in this market. It means that we try to find a solution for every customer who contacts us – not just a solution, but the “most appropriate solution possible”. That is why our customers consider us as their partners in automatics. You can rely on us.

We do hold a quality certificate according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2001. We specialize in supplying high quality products and services for industrial automatics. We have exclusive rights for sale in Poland of products from cooperating German, Danish, Swiss, Italian and Japanese manufacturers. Our comprehensive offer enables us to reach all branches of industry: from agriculture to automotive industry.

Thanks to the high quality of our technical support we are a unique partner in the field of automatics.
New optic fibre
A new plastic optic fibre with a head eliminating background radiation.
M8/M12 adapters
Murrelektronik has introduced in its offer the adapters which make it possible to connect devices with M12 plugs to M8 joints and vice versa, and to connect M8 3 pin plugs to M8 4pin sockets.
New M12 quick coupling
Since January of this year Murrelektronik has been offering a new type of M12 coupling, the so-called quick coupling with sensors. It is a completely unique solution worldwide.
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